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We Design. We Engineer. We Calculate. We Satisfy.

Here lies the passion, edge and advantage.

Our aim is to create unique projects that evolve from the dynamic and creative group that is Avivo.

When a number of individual talents integrate and unite in a common vision undeniable virtues we get.

We encourage our designers and engineers to release their full potential as professional and creative individuals.

Deep collaboration creates a challenging and rich environment which is reflected in the quality of our projects.

We are proud of the contributions from each employee that is the aggregate of our work and identity.

We Are Avivo

The Modern Engineering Agency

We supply engineering expertise to the energy and automotive sector in Scandinavia.

Avivo has worked with key offshore and automotive engineering companies since 2005.

Our Mission

We strive for establishing a center of competence in the field of high class technical excellence for the energy sector. Avivo is committed to bring the best assignments, benefits and experience to professionals within design and engineering around the world through its innovative and dynamic organization.

Our Values

We believe in the simple and not the complex. We don’t settle for anything less than excellence for our employees. Avivo is a comprehensive organization accounted as financial competitive and sustains a high level of technical excellence. Our thoughtfulness and expertise help our clients get the most out of their visions and goals.

Our Goals

Avivo has a desire to develop long term relationships with customers to achieve common goals. Our advantage over competition is that the business model is not easily replicated. We have a digital business strategy, intellectual capital and strategic alliances. Optimizing our business is a constant ambition.

Some of our past and present customers

Our History

2005 - present

From Imagination and Inspiration to Key Provider

Discovering the market gap, Avivo was established in late 2005 and was initially operating within the field of mechanical design. The company was known as Avivo Design. The ambition was to aid and provide the Norwegian oil and gas market with services within mechanical construction.

In 2007 Avivo Design announced a new corporate name and identity: Avivo Consulting AB (Ltd.). The name further strengthened the company by narrowing down our business idea and brands the commitment to provide value-adding solutions for all Avivo's customers.

In late 2013, celebrating 8 years of excellence, Avivo drops the word Consulting from the corporate moniker. Now, known more simply as Avivo AB, the name better reflects the steady but relentless move into the wider field of design and engineering, providing in house and external engineering services.

As the frontrunner in the engineering consultancy within offshore technology, we are endowed with knowledge and proficiency to meet our clients expectations. Avivo has always had a philosophy of doing a very small number of things extremely well. We treasure quality over quantity. So do our employees and clients.

Engineering. Re-engineered. For the 21st Century.

We Design. We Engineer. We Calculate. We Satisfy.

We are Avivo.

Our Milestones

  • 2005: Inception
  • 2006: Working with world’s prime clients in Norway and Sweden
  • 2007: Well established network within the industry
  • 2008: Expands the assignments in Norway. Automotive in Sweden.
  • 2009: Introducing the Mentor/Ambassador programme
  • 2010: Core competence in structural design
  • 2011: Achieving AA Credit Rating
  • 2012: Offering In house and external engineering
  • 2013: Maintains corporate and financial performance in a fluxing market
  • 2014: Focus on strength and stability
  • 2015: Emphasis on global renewable energy and circular economy projects
  • 2016: Renewables in developing countries
  • 2017: Renewables in developing countries

Our Services

Avivo delivers and dispatches design and engineering services to some of the largest industry leading corporations. We provide and deliver high standards.

We have been a reliable partner in the industry since 2005 carrying out projects successfully and with great responsibility.

Design &
Structural Design &
Mechanical Design &
Piping Design &
  • Design & Engineering

    In house + External Engineering

    Detailed design and engineering services: Avivo provides the customer with detailed or refined engineering drawings ready for prefabrication and installation.

    Studies and concepts: Avivo helps to define the scope, assess cost and technical risks on new and existing projects.

    FEED/Basic engineering: Avivo helps developing the concept, establishing cost estimates and executing plans for the project.

  • Structural Design & Engineering

    In house + External Engineering

    Special knowledge of top Side design such as pipe racks, modules, access platforms, stairs and ladders, equipment support, outfitting design and main steel.

    Hull design such as pontoons, columns, moon pool area, deck structure, bulkheads, web frames.

    Complete 3D model using PDMS.

    Prefabrication drawings.

    Complete analysis using SESAM, ANSYS, Patran, STAAD Pro, Robot Engineering norms using NORSOK and Eurocode.

  • Mechanical Design & Engineering

    In house + External Engineering

    In this discipline Avivo develop and manufacture the best design outcomes and solutions, parts and complete machines, for heavy industry devices such as:

    Roughneck design

    Pipe Handling

    Rotating equipment

    Top drive systems

    Jacking and skidding

  • Piping Design & Stress

    In house + External Engineering

    Working with pipe fittings and other special components to perform the required mode of transferring fluids from one location to another location such as:

    Piping design using PDMS

    Piping stress using Caesar

    Complete pipe isometric work shop drawings

    Pipe supports using PDMS

    Engineering norms using NORSOK


A selection of our past and present work

  • All
  • Offshore
  • Automotive
  • Renewables


We do it with style


The Sign of Avivo

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Find and keep the best

We provide a tailor made service to meet the needs of your business

Encompassing full range of human resource services including the sourcing, recruitment, payroll and induction of staff.

With accumulated recruitment knowledge from both Swedish and Norwegian branches we assist companies achieve their human resource expansion.

Please contact us on info / at / avivo.se


We are currently hiring

Our most valued asset is you

Avivo is confined to create a team atmosphere and satisfying working conditions that inspire our employees. It comes from simplification and dedication. Tactical decisions has forged the daily operations ushering the lowest market overhead costs. The consequences ensure low costs for our clients and competitive salaries for our employees.

We carefully select our employees, clients and partners. Just like you.

Throughout the years, Avivo has carefully developed and implemented a comprehensive quality assurance program to fulfill the requirements of the ever demanding market and clients.

You have the Tesla visionary approach, you switch gears like Schumacher at the Monaco GP and you are professional like Jobs. We want you to know how much we value and respect the competence, confidence and skills of our employees.

Thank you for helping Avivo be Avivo.

We are currently looking for

  • HVAC Engineer, 5+ years experience.
  • Mechanical Engineers, 3+ years experience.
  • Electrical Engineers, 5+ years offshore experience.
  • Piping Designers using PDMS, 5+ years experience.
  • Structural Engineers, analysis, STAAD pro, static and dynamic analysis, 5+ years offshore experience.

Please send your application with respective attachments to job / at / avivo.se
We are looking forward to your application

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