Jack and St. Malo

Semi-submersible platform - Hull design and FE-analysis
Feed phase Detail engineering PDMS AutoCAD

Jack St. Malo is about 75,000 tons and will float in 7,000 feet of water. It is the world’s largest semisubmersible offshore platform.

Participating in early phase/concept studies and in pre sanction phase extracting details. Main Deck, Tween Deck, UppderDeck, Lower Deck and Box bottom including Bulkheads, Moonpool Area, Stiffening Arrangements, Tanks, Pontoons Columns. Solutions, arrangements and details. Compile and verify 3D model MTO for all PDMS modeled structures. Lead for Marine Outfitting.

Deckhouse/"Living Quarter" blast calculations on upper hull, penetration calculations - circa 15,000 - for the entire rig, caissons.

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